Writing a learning report is the part that I tend to procrastinate the most because I strongly dislike talking about myself, although at the end of this semester, I found it easier to do so. That's mostly because semester two has been a time for me to clear my thoughts: The swap helped me experience my responsibility in the second year. Although I am not satisfied with the amount of work I've done with no assignments, I am happy I had the time to discover what I would feel like doing on my own after the practice in the first semester. It seems that my works for each subject are more interconnected than last semester, so I believe that also reflects in my practice, at least in my eyes. The terms that I'm using are vague as well as my thoughts regarding my practice, but now I am more relaxed about it than I was in the first semester.
I hate talking, therefore I enjoy showing and seeing things. I accepted the fact that visuals are the most important for me. My work revolves around compensating for the lack of information by providing pure visual impact. Colours and shapes are simply the elements that inspire me the most and I am ready to strengthen that in the second year.